Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bias Tape

So I just got a Clover Bias tape maker, only about 6 dollars on amazon and I love it.  I wanted to invest in a more expensive one, but this one is pretty great.  I got the one inch size, which is great for making bias tape for baby clothes.  All you need is your iron and ironing board and you are all set!  Here's what  it looks like:

I added the sweet little trim to the neckline with some vintage fabric to a linen blouse I made recently.  I had to sew it twice and make bias twice, because of my mistake, but it finally turned out.  I am already working on another one.  I just love that I don't just have to use store bought bias trim and I can make it with cute prints.  I just need to improve my ability to sew it straight, haha!

For Taj's birthday party I made a lot of bunting and so we decided to hang it up in his room for a while.  I like how it looks against the bright turquoise wall.

I just had to share:)  I also made him the little teepee awhile ago, wish he would use it more often, but he is always on the go.  And that sweet little quilt my momma made for him.

Have to add a sweet photo of pup Stella.  She's always on the look out, she is just waiting for the bear to return:) uh-oh
Well thanks for looking and reading~ Amanda

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