Friday, April 27, 2012

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

So, I have three quilts I have been working on.  It is my birthday week and I got my new sewing machine a Janome 3160, I just love it.  I finally finished the free motion quilting Taj"s tree quilt, however the stitches are not perfect, I am still learning.  Maybe it was my tension or thread.  The only bummer with this machine it doesn't come with a free motion foot, but I was able to use my other machines foot on it.  I do love the 1/4 inch foot for piecing.
I am now sewing the binding, will post photos as soon as I am finished.
Here is my gender neutral chevron quilt I am also working on.
I am still working on my bow tie quilt, but had to order more fabric.
Thanks for reading.................Amanda

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Sewing

Taj went to bed early Friday, well at 8, and I was finally able to finish my shopping bag project, from one of my favorite books One Yard Wonders.  I used a yard of Valori Wells Karavan fabric, love it.
This cool bag can be rolled up easily and fit in any purse for easy grocery shopping.

And I am still working on that bright stripes knitted blanket!!
Thanks for looking, happy sewing!  Amanda

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bright Stripes Blanket

Hi everyone! I am starting a new knitting project this week, a Bright Stripes Blanket from one of my favorite knitting books, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.   This is going to take me awhile, but I am very excited.  Here is the yarn I have chosen:

I purchased Malabrigo Rios yarn for the blanket.  This yarn is incredibly soft.  My stripes are Ravelry Red, Glazed Carrot, Sunset and Lettuce.  I got Natural for the main body of the blanket!
Look at all those skeins!
Oh wow I love creating! Thanks for viewing! Amanda

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bow tie Quilt for a Special Someone

HI! Here is my first post!  I have been working on a new quilt for about a week now, just cutting fabric and making my bow tie blocks.  I am using Summerlove fabric by Pat Bravo (OMG! this fabric is beautiful), quilters linen in beige and some pure elements by Art Gallery.  I had to order some more of the quilter's linen, so it may take a little longer.  This will be my third quilt, here is a picture of my first quilt:
I hand quilted it, which took me about 5 months to complete.  I used Joel Dewberry fabric and some other fabric from a yardsale (score)!  I love finding fabric for real cheap, like a thrift stores.  My second quilt is still not complete, I started free motion quilting it, but am having trouble with my cheap singer machine, so I am waiting for my new machine I hope to get on my birthday in 23 days!  Not sure what I'm gonna get but I fell in love with a Janome 3160qdc, the other day! here is a photo over my unfinished quilt I am making for my son Taj, it has about 18 appliqued trees all over it!

Thanks for reading, have fun sewing!   Amanda