Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sneak Peek

I have been working hard on sewing some items to open an etsy shop online.  I have mostly been making baby items.  I seem to be just making girls clothes, but need to make some boys clothes too.  For boys I am thinking maybe some wrap or kimono style shirts.  We'll see:)  I know there are thousands of people who make baby items on there but I'm just gonna give it a try for fun.  It's nice to have a goal and challenge myself.  I have been working with some Anna Maria Horner fabric, which I love.  But now I wanna try using some vintage fabric and linen, and maybe some cozy flannel.  Well here is a sneak peek on some of the items.  I washed some today and it was 99 degrees here in Nor Cal and they were dry in like 2 hours!

Here's Cowboy Taj on his bumble! 
Happy Sewing~Amanda

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